Service Providers

Quickpay USA, Inc. is looking to cooperate with various service providers!
Quickpay USA, Inc. is a reliable partner that ensures prompt and efficient interface between customers and service providers.

How it works

How it works

Quickpay USA, Inc. facilities make it easer for customers to pay for various services whilst allowing the service providers create as many payment outlets as they need.

Quickpay Machines for anything that has a price tag!

Some services that can be paid for via Quickpay Machines:

  1. Commodity-type insurance policies (auto, travel, etc.)
  2. Internet access and 'topping up' of internet scratch card accounts
  3. VOIP telephone and virtual numbers
  4. Cable and satellite TV services
  5. Internet access via the terminal, either on screen or via a hot spot
  6. Juke box equivalent: music played to order or downloaded
  7. Mobile content
  8. Reservation and/or purchase of railway tickets
  9. Reservation and/or purchase of air tickets
  10. Cinema, theater, circus and other entertainment tickets
  11. Deposits to accounts (credit/debit cards, investment, pensions)
  12. Information services (directory, stolen auto, etc.)
  13. Payment of traffic tickets
  14. Payment of personal taxes
  15. Gaming system memberships
  16. Terminal-based lottery
  17. Education tuition
  18. 'Virtual wallet' deposits
  19. Payment for products/services currently purchased through the internet
  20. ISP services
  21. Philanthropic contributions
  22. Posting and payment for online and other announcements
  23. Government services and tariffs (passport fees, for example)
  24. Purchase of license keys to software
  25. Supermarket loyalty/discount cards
  26. Payment for 'cash on delivery' products, such as Amway, Mary Kay, Avon.
  27. Deposits to FX trading accounts
  28. Magazine subscriptions
  29. Hotel reservations
  30. Cruises and tours
  31. Books (ebooks and delivery)
  32. Payment against bills from internet based stores